WordPress Web Design in Leeds

Wordpress is a versatile content management system that is highly customisable, easy to use, and suitable for businesses of all sizes. When properly configured, WordPress is very search engine friendly. We have created WordPress websites for small business websites catering to customers in and around Leeds, and for multinational corporations targeting a global audience. We build business websites, blogs, forums,  e-commerce websites, online calendar booking websites and more.

Why Choose WordPress?

Wordpress is the worlds most popular content management system. In fact, 58.8% of all CMS based websites are powered by WordPress, that’s over 74 million websites.

Simple and understandable content authoring tools mean that if you can use Microsoft Word, the chances are that you can update a WordPress website.

Six built in account privilege levels mean you can provide staff with access to the tools they need for publishing and updating content, without jeopardizing the security of your websites core files.

Wordpress Dashboard

Responsive Web Design

We create responsive designs that deliver an engaging experience across desktop and mobile devices. Our websites are built with SEO in mind and are provided with features like speed optimised images and minified code as standard.

Iphone 5 EDF Website Showcase

Built To Drive Conversions

We develop each site with clearly defined sales funnels. This means that the route your customers take through the site, from the moment they enter, to the moment they checkout or submit an enquiry, is predefined and designed to be as simple and logical as possible. This can have a dramatic positive effect on conversion rates.


We build on top of WordPress theme frameworks, leaving the core files unchanged. This means that you can install theme framework updates to benefit from new features, and keep your websites WordPress version up to date and secure.

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